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Q: Where are your systems made?
A: We have three manufactures where we get our supplies China, Germany, USA 
We give our customers options. Our customers have strong opinions on where they wish to purchase from.

Q: Which country makes the better system?
A: We don't think there is a better, all three companies carry the same Guarantee.

Q: What is the average cost of a system?

A: There is no average system, someone in a one-room house may use more electricity than someone in a large home. Once we know the total Kwh you use in a year, we can create a system to help you have a net-zero energy bill.

Q: Where can I find my Kwh used?
A: Your utility company can give you a year-to-date total.

Q: Where does my system go?
A: It can go on the roof or on a ground rack.

Q: Can I just buy a kit?
A: Yes we can put together a kit for you to assemble. We can instruct you on assembly and installation in just a few hours.

Q: Will my system be American made?
A: Our inverters are American made. We can get American made panels but they cost .15 cents per watt more than the panels we normally use. All silicone panels are made to the same specifications. In the end, the decision about which pannels to use is up to you.

Q: How do I order a system?
A: Contact us at (989) 551-4584 to discuss your specific needs. It's easier than you think to become energy independent.

Q: How long does it take to get up and running?
A: In most cases it will take about a month from the time you order to the day you start producing your own energy.

Q: Can my roof handle the weight of the panels?
A: We will check on the construction of your building to find out how many pounds per square foot your roof can support.

Q: Where do I get a ground rack?
A: We can supply the rack for you,  or give you names of local fabricators. If you like you can have a builder build your rack out of wood or even build the rack yourself.

Q: Is a wind turbine as good as solar?
A: Yes but wind turbines takes allot more maintenance for the operation. The down side to a wind turbine other than maintenance is without wind it will not produce energy. Solar will produce energy in low light. So in my in opinion solar is better for 20k and less.
Q: How tall does my wind turbine have to be?
A: To be effective, your tower must be 20 feet taller than the tallest thing in its vicinity.


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