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Sanilac Solar & Wind's Mission Statement

We sell and install only the highest quality solar and wind equipment for your renewable energy needs. We also use local contractors and labor to install our solar array or wind turbine. Our commitment to our customers means we will help you save even more money by providing instruction in the installation of your own plug and play solar array.

19,950 watt system started operation in March 2013  

Our community and the local economy are very important to us and we know you feel the same way. This is why we use local contractors that you know and can trust, like Maurer Electric of Bad Axe, MI.


Sanilac Solar & Wind can start you out with a Hydronic system to heat your water, a solar system as small 230 watts, or one large enough to meet 100% of your energy needs. We can do the same with a wind energy system. As we always say, you can afford to use as much energy as you want or need, as long as you produce it yourself.


Prices in the renewable have dropped a great deal in 2012. We offer the highest quality products at the lowest price. We will promise to:

  • Beat any competitor’s price
  • Use only local installers
  • Use top quality equipment from Sun Earth, Mage, Sma, PVpowered, Enphase, Bergey, and South West
  • We can meet everyones needs, region, and price range

To get started on your green energy package, call Sanilac Solar & Wind at 989-551-4584.



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